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Counties across the Great State of Texas have embraced the idea of safety being a top priority, and Lee County should not be any different. Being a Safety Representative for years at Cargill has taught Mark many things, including what it means to enforce safety in a workplace, why it is beneficial, and how in the long run it saves money. As your next Commissioner, Mark will put safety at the forefront within the County and make sure County employees are trained effectively in regards to safety, he will make sure roads are kept up to date with regards to safety measures.

Traffic Cone


Local governments should work for us, no questions asked. All information regarding Lee County should be open to the public and records for Precincts should be readily available. He also believes that more records should be posted online so that anyone can access them at any time. Lee County Citizens deserves transparency from Lee County, and Mark will bring that with him after election day on November 3rd.

Children of Lee County

Mark and his wife have three children, a 23, 21, and 13-year-old. Mark knows what it feels like to be worried about your children when they are driving or simply just out, he also knows that counties should do all in their power to make sure roads are as safe as possible for this reason; sadly in Lee County, much work still needs to be done on this issue. As the next Precinct 1 Commissioner Mark will dedicate his time and energy to make sure road signs are up to date, railing is placed effectively and efficiently in all needed areas, and roads are maintained properly. The next generation will look to us as examples, and we should be setting the best one possible.

Children Arriving at School

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